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Nov Member of the Month: Beth’s Testimonial

Nov Member of the Month: Beth’s Testimonial

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to show us how far we have come.

Before beginning Healthy Inspirations this summer, I was a product of years and years of dieting and weight loss attempts. . I have tried just about every other program and nothing gave me lasting results. At some point along the journey, I had given up. I had convinced myself that how I looked and felt was just going to be the way it was for the rest of my life.
At 51 years old, I knew I was tired of the weight loss battle and I was ready for some coaching in real lifestyle changes that would take me forward as a healthy and fit person.

After beginning the Healthy Inspirations program, I realized that exercise didn’t have to be a chore, 30 minutes three times a week and I was done! If I wanted to do more, I could and often, did because I was enjoying the comradery of the other ladies working the program. The benefits I received were starting to really show in that I could climb the stairs without huffing and puffing and I could squat down and pick up something on the floor without grunting and groaning. And better yet, my clothes fit looser! I dropped 16lbs my first 2 months! 

And then a recent tragedy hit on Monday, October 9th. My parents were victims of the Cascade Fire in their tiny town of Loma Rica, in the foothills of Yuba County, California. 80 mile an hour winds whipped the fire through their rural neighborhood, destroying all in its path. They escaped the fire with their lives but lost their home of 41 years and all their belongings in a moments time. My husband and I left the same day to be with my parents as they evacuated and waited to get back to their property and survey the damage. We weren’t allowed back in for 5 days as the authorities made sure each property was safe for people to enter. Once we were allowed access the work of sorting through the ashes remained. And this is really when I realized what a blessing Healthy Inspirations has been. I could squat down and sift through the ashes for my mother, looking for treasured items that were now buried in rubble. I could lift heavy things so that we could gain access to areas we wanted to search. I could walk for long distances and stand for long periods of time without my legs aching. All these simple acts would have been difficult to impossible before I started this new lifestyle.

And it continues to be a blessing for me as I work to help them through the process of losing everything to fire. Clear thinking, patience and stamina are gifts of eating correctly and at the right time. I am preparing nutritious meals for my parents which works to nourish and sustain them during this difficult time. And lastly, but not least, the gift of friendship and outpouring of love and support I receive from those I have met through my time spent at Healthy Inspirations.

My mom is a quilter and although she has lost everything the new quilt designs are coming to her and eventually when she is settled again, wherever that may be, she will work through this tragedy in her sewing. My father is a model railroader, astronomer and guitar player and he too eventually will work through the grief with his projects and music. Until then, we are holding tight to each other and journeying together through this time. 

Thank you to all who pray and send good wishes to my parents.  And thank you for a program that has allowed me to be a better me despite great tragedy.

Beth F. dropped 16 lbs in the first two months!

–Beth F.
Paso Rolbes, CA