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Sept Member of the Month: Olivia’s Testimonial

I decided to try the Health Inspirations plan on June 24 after talking to my daughter Loree. She said I had to be accountable to make it work. My first week I lost three pounds and the diet plans was easy to follow and very healthy. I started the circuit exercises and was sore for a week but I kept on going. Soon I had lost more weight and began feeling stronger, no more aching joints and my steps were stronger. Walking with my grandkids was now easy, no more stopping to rest or catch my breathe. In the meantime, my daughter in law was hospitalized with terminal cancer. She designated my daughter and I as guardians. Thank God, I was more fit and healthier.  We will be moving to Texas and raising an 11 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. I had my last visit with my primary doctor and my labs were awesome. No more heartburn or acid reflux. My fatty liver was now normal. My cholesterol is much lower and my blood pressure is 123/82. Not bad for a 76 year old gal. The diet plan is delicious and the protein snacks keep me going. I am so glad I did this and will continue to eat healthy, little or no sugar and continue to exercise. Best decision I ever made.

Olivia dropped 20 lbs of fat! She went from a size 16 to a size 12!

–Olivia D.
Paso Robles, CA