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Tips from Tricia: Desperation, Disillusionment & Discovery

Tips from Tricia: Desperation, Disillusionment & Discovery

As women many of us have struggled with our weight. You see, society has played a big part in spreading the ILLUSION of “the perfect body” or the “perfect weight”. WE BECOME DESPERATE because we don’t like what we see in the mirror, or how our clothes fit. We judge ourselves constantly, and don’t even trust our own appetite! So we begin restricting our food intake, only to find ourselves ravenous and binging at night. Then we wake up hating ourselves due to our lack of control and are determined to do better the next day.

IN OUR DESPERATION to reach the “number on the scale” we choose quick fix methods, injections or pills, that only suppress our appetite to sustain a 500 calorie starvation diet! Or some of us take the surgical route of having our stomachs squeezed to the size of your thumb!

LET ME TELL YOU A STORY – A middle aged woman who has dieted most of her life decides to take the magic pill and lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks! She thought she was happy but actually, even having reached her “perfect number on the scale” she was no more happier as a person. And, yes, she put the weight back on. Back to the doctor for another round of magic pills this time 50 lbs are needed to be lost. She reaches her “number” again only to find that a gradual increase starts sneaking up on her. One more time she tries the magic pill but this time it didn’t work! As a matter of fact, it only made her feel jittery and a little crazy in her head. Now 60 lbs overweight she is DISILLUSIONED with her own effort and results.

BUT DID YOU KNOW that when disillusionment sets in, it is there to shatter an illusion? It gives us the ability to disconnect from illusions. So what are some of the illusions that we need to disconnect from? The illusion that we need to be skinny to be happy, or have a flat stomach so we can feel loved? Or what about the six pack abs all the advertisements are telling us we should have?

Or what about our TOXIC NUTRITIONAL BELIEFS….Food makes me fat, fat makes me fat or Food is the enemy! Those subconscious beliefs put you I a chronic low level stress response that causes you to release cortisol & insulin which will in turn cause you to store fat, store weight & not gain lean muscle (just the opposite of what we want).

So this brings us to DISCOVERY – that there is a healthy sustainable way to reduce fat, maintain a healthy body weight, and change your relationship with food.

The Healthy Inspirations Lifestyle plan offers Sensible Nutrition – teaching you to balance your proteins, veggies, fruits, starches, fats & dairy throughout the day. We provide Simple Exercises that will reduce your fat while maintaining & increasing your lean muscle. Our One-on-One Support is designed to keep you accountable and inspire you to maintain sustainable changes that will last a lifetime. Our Effective Relaxation teaches the benefits of distressing, while putting you physiologically in the parasympathetic state which maximizes your calorie burning potential.

ONE MORE STORY – a young woman who only had 25 lbs to lose but decides after trying several other methods, to try a new one. This one was a no brainer, no meals to make, no shakes to drink, no appetite to deal with. Why it was the perfect strategy! All she had to do was have a tube inserted through her nose into her stomach and wear it on her face for a couple of weeks. Her backpack attachment would then automatically pump the liquid directly into her stomach and there you have it – instant weight loss! However, after removing that uncomfortable tube, the weight began creeping up almost immediately and now with Double the weight needing to be lost!

In our desperation to gain control of our weight, let’s allow disillusionment to shatter our illusions and DISCOVER the healthy alternative to lasting health & wellness with Healthy Inspirations!

— Tricia Williams, Owner Healthy Inspirations, Lifestyle Coach, Eating Psychology Coach

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