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Tips from Tricia: Healthy Eating Rituals

Tips from Tricia: Healthy Eating Rituals
  1. Thankfulness & Gratitude – Be thankful for the food you have prepared. Allow a sense of gratitude to fill your heart.
  2. Relax & Release – Worry and tension make it more difficult for your body to digest food. Consciously relax your body and release built up tension or anxiety.
  3. Breathe – This practice will enhance your nutritional experience. Take in oxygen with 5 deep slow breaths inhaling through your nose, exhaling through your mouth.
  4. Be Present – Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the “present!” Be aware of your meal and whomever you are sharing it with.
  5. Feel Nourished – Allow your food to fully nourish your body. Savor each morsel and feel it satisfy your hunger.