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Our Program’s Four Key Components for Weight Loss

Nutritionally Balanced Food

1. Nutritional Balance

Balancing proteins, fats, grains,  veggies (macronutrients), fruits (micronutrients) and dairy throughout the day will bring your metabolism to an optimum state.  Choosing foods of higher quality will also improve your health. For instance, rather than pre-cooked, pre-packaged meals, look for local fresh foods you can enjoy.

Group Exercise

2. Enjoyably Exercise

We provide a safe, comfortable environment for our ladies to improve muscle tone while burning fat. Our group environment provides a healthy community for added motivation. 30 minutes three times a week, is all you need for the results you want!

One-on-One Support

3. One-On-One Support

Support is necessary for our growth. Those who desire change, find accountability is key to setting goals and following through. Having regularly scheduled appointments keeps you on track while supporting you through your specific life challenges.

Effective Relaxation

4. Effective Relaxation

Recent studies have proven that stress is a major factor in creating illness and disease. Are you aware that stress can also keep you from losing weight? When your body is in a stress response mode it slows your metabolism down, releases cortisol and insulin which causes you to store fat, store weight and not gain muscle. Weekly relaxation treatments reduces stress levels and improves your metabolism.

Silver Sneakers


Healthy Inspirations accepts SilverSneakers.  SilverSneakers believes staying active gives you energy to do more of what you love in life. That’s why they’ve partnered with us to help you build strength, increase mobility and ultimately enjoy your independence. Even better, you may already qualify for a free membership through your health plan.

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