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Success Stories

Beth F., Paso Robles

16 lbs Lighter!
In first two months!

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to show us how far we have come.

Before beginning Healthy Inspirations this summer, I was a product of years and years of dieting and weight loss attempts. . I have tried just about every other program and nothing gave me lasting results. At some point along the journey, I had given up. I had convinced myself that how I looked and felt was just going to be the way it was for the rest of my life.
At 51 years old, I knew I was tired of the weight loss battle and I was ready for some coaching in real lifestyle changes that would take me forward as a healthy and fit person.

After beginning the Healthy Inspirations program, I realized that exercise didn’t have to be a chore, 30 minutes three times a week and I was done! If I wanted to do more, I could and often, did because I was enjoying the comradery of the other ladies working the program. The benefits I received were starting to really show in that I could climb the stairs without huffing and puffing and I could squat down and pick up something on the floor without grunting and groaning. And better yet, my clothes fit looser! I dropped 16lbs my first 2 months! 

And then a recent tragedy hit on Monday, October 9th. My parents were victims of the Cascade Fire in their tiny town of Loma Rica, in the foothills of Yuba County, California. 80 mile an hour winds whipped the fire through their rural neighborhood, destroying all in its path. They escaped the fire with their lives but lost their home of 41 years and all their belongings in a moments time. My husband and I left the same day to be with my parents as they evacuated and waited to get back to their property and survey the damage. We weren’t allowed back in for 5 days as the authorities made sure each property was safe for people to enter. Once we were allowed access the work of sorting through the ashes remained. And this is really when I realized what a blessing Healthy Inspirations has been. I could squat down and sift through the ashes for my mother, looking for treasured items that were now buried in rubble. I could lift heavy things so that we could gain access to areas we wanted to search. I could walk for long distances and stand for long periods of time without my legs aching. All these simple acts would have been difficult to impossible before I started this new lifestyle.

And it continues to be a blessing for me as I work to help them through the process of losing everything to fire. Clear thinking, patience and stamina are gifts of eating correctly and at the right time. I am preparing nutritious meals for my parents which works to nourish and sustain them during this difficult time. And lastly, but not least, the gift of friendship and outpouring of love and support I receive from those I have met through my time spent at Healthy Inspirations.

My mom is a quilter and although she has lost everything the new quilt designs are coming to her and eventually when she is settled again, wherever that may be, she will work through this tragedy in her sewing. My father is a model railroader, astronomer and guitar player and he too eventually will work through the grief with his projects and music. Until then, we are holding tight to each other and journeying together through this time. 

Thank you to all who pray and send good wishes to my parents.  And thank you for a program that has allowed me to be a better me despite great tragedy.

Diana S., Atascadero

42 lbs Lighter!
Size 18 to Size 10!

When I joined Healthy Inspirations on January 27, 2017, I was numb from having tried many different “diets” in the past. Within weeks on this healthy eating program combined with the exercise, I started feeling great!

I have dropped 42 lbs. and I’m currently just six pounds away from my goal weight and, for the first time, I am confident that I will achieve that goal. I am excited about the great support here at Healthy Inspirations which keeps me learning about my body, health and the right foods to maintain that goal. The personal daily visits they offer have helped me greatly on this journey.

Since I’ve been eating healthy, I feel balanced throughout the day with no more crashing, craving or feeling sluggish anymore. My back, hips and knees also feel much better. I’m also happier, have more energy and even sleep better! It feels so good each day getting dressed with my new clothes always fitting nicely. I actually love to go shopping for myself now. And the best part of my transformation is the compliments I receive from my husband and family.

Olivia D., Paso Robles

Over 20 lbs Lighter!
Size 16 to Size 12!

I decided to try the Health Inspirations plan on June 24 after talking to my daughter Loree. She said I had to be accountable to make it work. My first week I lost three pounds and the diet plans was easy to follow and very healthy. I started the circuit exercises and was sore for a week but I kept on going. Soon I had lost more weight and began feeling stronger, no more aching joints and my steps were stronger. Walking with my grandkids was now easy, no more stopping to rest or catch my breathe. In the meantime, my daughter-in-law was hospitalized with terminal cancer. She designated my daughter and I as guardians. Thank God, I was more fit and healthier. We will be moving to Texas and raising an 11 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. I had my last visit with my primary doctor and my labs were awesome. No more heartburn or acid reflux. My fatty liver was now normal. My cholesterol is much lower and my blood pressure is 123/82. Not bad for a 76 year old gal. The diet plan is delicious and the protein snacks keep me going. I am so glad I did this and will continue to eat healthy, little or no sugar and continue to exercise. Best decision I ever made.

Laura M., Paso Robles

Over 70 lbs Lighter!
Size 18 to Size 10!

I came into the center with several health issues and a negative body image. I had high blood pressure, very high cholesterol, pre diabetes, and was depressed about my weight. Starting the Healthy Inspirations program, I began exercising and changing my eating habits.

After years of no exercise, I now look forward to working out 5 or 6 times per week. I see my progress and strength improve every day.

I began the Healthy Inspirations eating plan and immediately started loosing 1-3 pounds each week. I’ve learned to eat healthy proteins, Fruits, vegetables, light starches and dairy balanced throughout the day.

All of my health concerns upon my initiation have been improved or eliminated. My blood pressure has gone down and my cholesterol dropped almost 100 since March!

I started Healthy Inspirations weighing 220 lbs! I have lost over 70 lbsand now weight 150 lbs.

Donna C., Atascadero

40 lbs Lighter!
Size 16 to Size 10!

Before I came to Healthy Inspirations, I couldn’t get up off the floor without assistance. I noticed my lack of energy, especially when spending time with my grandchildren. I also didn’t know, at the time, I wasn’t sleeping properly.

I just didn’t know the harsh side effects some of the food I was eating had on my body.  Healthy Inspirations taught me about a balanced diet and the benefits of proper nutrition.

I have lost over 40 lbs! I went from a size 16 to a size 10.

Best of all; I now have more energy, sleep better at night, and feel more confident. I am so happy to be able to spend time with my grandchildren without them wearing me out. 

My success has inspired countless other women to change their lifestyles as well.

Maria C., Atascadero

45 lbs Lighter!

I have tried over the years to get to a healthy weight, but it always seems that life gets in the way. As a wife and mother, we women always seem to put the needs of others before our own. Well my life has changed. I saw the calendar creeping up on me and was tired of always wanting to eat healthy, but my body not going for it. I put myself first this time. I went to the Dr. who, after a bunch of tests, told me I had a metabolic disorder, which means my body doesn’t really know what to do with all those carbs I was eating. I was told to go on a low carb diet and it would solve my problems, and of course help me to lose weight.

I met with Tricia and when she told me about the program, I thought this is perfect, just what I was looking for. That was a year ago. I remember because I went to the fair the same week and purchased a new belt for my work uniform. I told the vendor that I just started a weight loss program and to make sure there were plenty of holes so I could get the most out of the belt. He told me to come back in a year and he would fix it up when I lost my weight. Well I had to add four holes myself before I could get back. This picture is of me on the day I went back to the fair. The vendor cut off 6 inches at the end of the belt and added 4 more holes as my journey is still continuing. Once again, he said come back next year and we will do it again. And you may ask, how is that metabolic disorder? Well it is completely under control! I still have about 10 more pounds to go to reach my goal but the journey has made such a difference in my life.

Thank you Tricia and all the Healthy Inspirations team for you support and encouragement!

Linda N., Paso Robles

45 lbs Lighter!
Size 14 to Size 7!

I have been a Healthy Inspirations member since September, 1999. I had never joined a Nutritional program. I was on a M/S nutritional regiment for over 30 years while experiencing debilitating migraines. I had no room for anything else in my life.  After menopause, my migraines decreased drastically and I decided it was time for me to take the first steps in losing unwanted pounds. I didn’t want to admit to myself or anyone else I had a problem with my weight. I was toning my body by exercise but wasn’t including a proper healthy and nutritionally sound food plan to live by.

I seemed to gain my weight slowly over time and I thought I was fine. My husband was happy with me and the way I was and I agreed. I was approached several times in 2013 to join the program, and finally, in Sept it hit me and I decided I had to do something. “I want to be there for my grandchildren.” “I want to fit into my wedding dress.” Most of all, “I want to feel and look my best.”

Not only do I look better, I also feel better and I am very proud of my health accomplishments. By the way, I now fit into my wedding dress which is a suit dress. I will wear it with pride knowing the hard work I put into making it happen.

When you read this, I will be down 45 pounds from starting the program 9 month ago.

If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Esther C., Atascadero

71 lbs Lighter!
Size 18 to Size 8!

I came to Healthy Inspirations, overweight, stressed, in chronic pain and depressed! This program was life-changing. Even though my life was still stressful, I had a place I could go to take care of myself. I always felt welcomed and supported by all the ladies and the encouraging staff. My health improved, my hope was restored and I lost over 70 lbs and went from a size 18 to a size 8!

Thank you Healthy Inspirations!

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